Menstrual Hygiene Services For Your Business

Every business has a responsibility to ensure all personal hygiene waste can be disposed of hygienically and safely. From menstrual and incontinence waste to PPE waste, anyone who uses your business’ restroom should have access to adequate disposal solutions no matter what their needs are.  

Menstrual Hygiene Disposal Containers For Inclusive Restrooms

While your business may have solutions for the disposal of menstrual waste, it’s important to consider waste disposal bins that meet the requirements of all personal needs. Personal hygiene waste ranges from incontinence waste, diapers and other infant care products, to wipes and menstrual hygiene products such as tampons and pads. As a result, personal hygiene waste disposal bins should be provided in both female, male and unisex restrooms to ensure you are meeting the needs of all employees, customers and visitors.  

Citron’s Hygienic Waste Disposal Units   

Citron Hygiene has a large selection of waste disposal units, designed specifically to accommodate the diverse needs your users may have. From wall-mounted sanitary waste units and hands-free diaper bins, to our popular Inclusiv™ unit, our units come in different sizes and designs to meet your unique business requirements.  

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All our units contain EcoCard™ to treat the waste and keep odours under control in between service visits. 

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All our units are touch-free to eliminate contact with infectious bacteria and bloodborne pathogens for more hygienic disposal

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All our waste disposal units are designed for use in male, female and unisex restrooms. 

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Units come in a range of colours and designs that can discreetly complement your restrooms’ décor. 

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How Our Waste Disposal Services Works


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Determine Service Frequency

Our personal hygiene disposal services are completed on a frequency which best suits the unique needs of every business. We offer service on a daily, weekly, 14-day, 28-day, or 56-day frequency depending on the size and foot-traffic of each facility. 


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Units are Serviced

At each service, a Citron Certified Technician will:

•   Clean the outside of the unit
•  Ensure the unit is operating smoothly and replace batteries as necessary
•   Waste is removed and taken off-site to a waste-to-energy conversion facility
•   Add a new liner bag to the inside of the unit
•   Scan the unit using CitronSync technology for accurate service reporting and proof of service


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Waste Diversion and Service Reporting

After each service, businesses receive a report indicating the services performed. Customer’s can also request a Waste Diversion Reports, which indicates how much waste was diverted from each site using Citron’s waste disposal services. 

Our Personal Hygiene Disposal Solutions

Supporting Businesses to Build Inclusive Restrooms

Citron Hygiene is an advocate  for ensuring restrooms are inclusive and accessible for all. Learn more about the work we do in this field and how we can help your business build safer, more progressive facilities for all.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Hygiene is a more inclusive, gender-neutral alternative to more traditional terms like Feminine or Menstrual hygiene, and better encompasses the needs of all. Personal Hygiene Disposal can be used for menstrual hygiene products as well as other common personal hygiene products like incontinence liners and diapers. Units are gender neutral and work for all restrooms. Citron’s Personal Hygiene Disposal allows everyone to safely and discreetly dispose of their personal hygiene products, creating an inclusive restroom for all.

All Citron Hygiene Personal Hygiene Disposal units are hands-free to eliminate user contact with bloodborne pathogens and infectious bacteria. Customers are able to select between pedal units, which require users to step on a foot pedal to open the lid, or automatic units on which the lids open by waving your hand over the sensor.

A study by Dr. Gerba found that menstrual disposal units are the most contaminated surface in the restroom. Upgrading your old menstrual disposal units, like the antiquated stainless steel wall box, is an important step in making your restroom a safer, more hygienic place. Using touch-free personal hygiene disposal eliminates the need for users to touch the contaminated unit, and then transfer those bacteria onto other common restroom surfaces.

Personal Hygiene Disposal also creates more inclusive restrooms by making safe and discreet disposal accessible to all. Our units are intended for all restrooms, so all menstruators regardless of gender identity can manage their period in a dignified way. Our units also give those with incontinence the peace of mind of knowing they have somewhere to dispose of their hygiene products while going out.

Personal Hygiene Disposal helps to limit the amount of cross-contamination in the restroom. Antiquated units, like the metal wall box, were found by Dr. Gerba to be the most contaminated surface in the restroom! Our touch-free units promote better hygiene by eliminating the need to touch the unit during disposal. Now you can safely and discretely dispose of your Personal Hygiene products without transferring bloodborne pathogens or infectious bacteria to other restroom surfaces.

Personal Hygiene Disposal also makes restrooms physically safer for people to whom the restroom can be a dangerous place. Not all menstruators identify as women, and transgender men need a place to safely dispose of their menstrual products without fear of being outed or physically harmed. With 2/3 of transgender people avoiding public restrooms for fear of their safety, it’s time we took proactive steps to create safer, more inclusive restrooms for all. Everyone should have the right to manage their period in a dignified manner, and upgrades like Personal Hygiene Disposal are a small but impactful step in the right direction.

All of our restroom hygiene services operate on a fixed scheduling system which gives our customers the option to select a service frequency that best suits their business. Standard frequency options include daily, weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, with the option to have different frequencies for seasonal changes (example: every 14 days from Sep-Apr and every 28 days (May-Aug). Customized service frequencies are available upon request.

Each restroom hygiene service is performed by a Citron Certified Technician. At each service:

  • Waste is removed and the liner bag, blister pack, and Actiwipe is replaced
  • The outside of the unit is cleaned and disinfected
  • The unit is tested for functionality
  • Waste is removed by a technician and diverted off-sight

Personal Hygiene Disposal Units are large enough to handle high-traffic restrooms without making the stall look smaller. Specially designed units fit seamlessly inside the stall and take up minimal space. Check out our variety of disposal units such as Essentia, Hygeia or Inclusiv for unit options and specifications.

Citron Hygiene’s Personal Hygiene Units are designed to seamlessly fit into any restroom décor. Essentia Units are available in White and Black/Grey. Inclusiv Units are available in White. Check out our Essentia Product Page and Inclusiv Product Page for unit options and specifications.

Our Personal Hygiene Disposal is a service and units cannot be purchased and serviced in-house. Our Personal Hygiene Disposal Service efficiently maintains each unit in your facility at a frequency that best suits your business. Having units serviced by Citron Hygiene means a Citron Certified Technician, picks up the waste at your facility and diverts it off-site, contributing to a waste-to-energy conversion program. CCT’s are trained on how to handle and dispose of biological and blood waste to ensure Health and Safety standards are maintained at all times.

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