Personal Hygiene Waste Disposal Solutions

Every business has a responsibility to ensure all personal hygiene waste can be disposed of hygienically and safely. From menstrual and incontinence waste to PPE waste, anyone who uses your business’ restroom should have access to adequate disposal solutions no matter what their needs are.  

Waste Management Solutions for Inclusive Restrooms  

While your business may have solutions for the disposal of menstrual waste, it’s important to consider waste disposal bins that meet the requirements of all personal needs. Personal hygiene waste ranges from incontinence waste, diapers and other infant care products, to wipes and menstrual hygiene products such as tampons and pads. As a result, personal hygiene waste disposal bins should be provided in both female, male and unisex restrooms to ensure you are meeting the needs of all employees, customers and visitors.  

Hygienic Touch-Free Waste Disposal Units  

Citron Hygiene has a large selection of waste disposal units, designed specifically to accommodate the diverse needs your users may have. From wall-mounted sanitary waste units and hands-free diaper bins, to our popular Inclusiv™ unit, our units come in different sizes and designs to meet your unique business requirements.  

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All our units contain Actiwipe™ to treat the waste and keep odours under control in between service visits. 

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All our units are touch-free to eliminate contact with infectious bacteria and bloodborne pathogens for more hygienic disposal

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All our waste disposal units are designed for use in male, female and unisex restrooms. 

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Units come in a range of colours and designs that can discreetly complement your restrooms’ décor. 

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How Our Waste Disposal Services Works


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Determine Service Frequency

Our personal hygiene disposal services are completed on a frequency which best suits the unique needs of every business. We offer service on a daily, weekly, 14-day, 28-day, or 56-day frequency depending on the size and foot-traffic of each facility. 


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Units are Serviced

At each service, a Citron Certified Technician will:

•   Clean the outside of the unit
•  Ensure the unit is operating smoothly and replace batteries as necessary
•   Waste is i removed and taken off-site to a waste-to-energy conversion facility
•   Add a new liner bag to the inside of the unit
•   Scan the unit using CitronSync technology for accurate service reporting and proof of service


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Waste Diversion and Service Reporting

After each service, businesses receive a report indicating the services performed. Customer’s can also request a Waste Diversion Reports, which indicates how much waste was diverted from each site using Citron’s waste disposal services. 

Our Personal Hygiene Disposal Solutions

Supporting Businesses to Build Inclusive Restrooms

Citron Hygiene is an advocate  for ensuring restrooms are inclusive and accessible for all. Learn more about the work we do in this field and how we can help your business build safer, more progressive facilities for all.  

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