GOJO Soap & Hand Sanitizer

Leading Hand Hygiene Solutions

  • Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness
  • Products available include 2000ml refillable GOJO PRO soap dispensers, providing your business with more hand washes per refill, reducing labour and soap costs
  • Clinically proven to maintain skin health
  • Sustainability focused
  • Sleek and modern dispensers in various finishes including white or black/chrome to complement your restroom environment
  • Promotes healthy hygiene behaviours
  • Industry leading hygiene brand

GOJO Soap and Sanitizing Solutions to Promote Hand Hygiene  

A Dyson global study found 46% of people feel more concerned visiting a public restroom since the COVID-19 pandemic which suggests acting on maximizing your hygiene standards can only instil greater confidence in visitors, helping them to feel safe and protected. Restroom hygiene should be a #1 priority when looking to deliver excellent service. It shows you care about the wellbeing and health of your users, which builds trust and promotes a positive brand image.

Suppliers of a Range of GOJO Hand Hygiene Products on Service

At Citron Hygiene, we are committed to sustainability and supplying innovative, eco-friendly restroom solutions which is why we offer GOJO hygiene products to ensure all businesses can reach top hygiene standards.

All GOJO soap and sanitizer dispensers provide sealed reservoirs to eliminate any potential cross contamination while they can also control the amount of product used to eliminate costly waste. The GOJO product range at Citron can help to provide a positive restroom experience, for all your visitors, customers, and employees.  

Regular Servicing and Refills from Citron Hygiene

Citron Hygiene offers regular service visits, at a time that suits you. During our service visits, your dedicated Citron Certified Technician will:

  • Replenish inventory as needed
  • Check restroom dispensers and refill as needed
  • Place additional orders to ensure you never run out of stock, especially important if your business experiences demand that fluctuates Ensure dispensers are clean and operating correctly

Our CitronSync technology offers a guarantee of service. Benefit from GoJo Soap servicing from Citron Hygiene by getting in touch with our team to discuss your business’ needs. to find out more about our hygiene solutions or explore our range below. 

Call: 800.643.6922 Email: info@citronhygiene.com

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