Menstrual Hygiene Dispenser For Your Facility

It’s the right thing to do

  • Menstrual care products are a necessity
  • Provide users with the products they need
  • Dispenses sanitary napkins and tampons
  • AODA compliant
  • Service includes installation and maintenance
  • Convenient regular service & replenishment of inventory

Menstrual Care Products For Commercial Restrooms

Menstrual care products are treated differently despite the fact they are a necessity for all who menstruate. While out in public, 86% of people who menstruate have gotten their period unexpectedly and without the correct facilities in commercial restroom environments, they are left in a panic from pure embarrassment and discomfort. 62% of those people run to a store and as many as 34% of people go home which, in a workplace environment, reduces efficiency, productivity and output at the fault of the business not providing the right supplies.

With coinless vending menstrual care products, you can show people you care about their wellbeing and happiness by providing the right solutions to meet the needs of those who need it. Not only can you provide the correct sanitary napkins and tampons, but you can also create a safer, more pleasant restroom environment for staff and visitors to feel safe in the fact they’re being looked after properly.

At Citron Hygiene, we are proud to promote awareness of coinless vending menstrual care products in educational and institutional settings and advocate for accessible menstrual care products for all. Why don’t you become a part of the solution?

Our Coinless Restroom Vending Machines

Our restroom vending machines are available in a choice of colours and sizes to meet your business’ needs and complement your restroom. Our mini dispenser is ideal for restrooms limited on space while our standard size dispenser is perfect for restrooms that experience higher footfall. Sanitary napkins and tampons can be supplied and stocked in our vending machines.

Our coinless vending machines do not require tokens or coins to operate to ensure products are available to the end user when they need them and to promote period dignity.

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Product Specifications

  • Colour – White or Stainless Steel
  • Unit Options – Standard or Mini
  • Standard Dimensions – H:66cm, W:35.5 cm, D: 14.3cm
  • Mini Dimensions – H:48cm, W:27.3 cm, D: 16.5cm
  • Power – One 9 volt battery, included

Fixed Schedule Servicing with Citron Hygiene’s Coinless-Vending Solutions

We offer reliable and regular service & replenishment of inventory so that your restroom users never have to worry about there being a lack of supplies. Our services also include installation and maintenance which saves you time and ensures all your menstrual hygiene products stay fit for use, providing users with the products they need when they need it most. Get in touch with the Citron Hygiene team today to find out more about our hygiene solutions or explore our range below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Citron Hygiene offers different service frequencies so businesses can select the one that works best for them. Standard service frequencies are weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, and every 56 days.  Customers with various locations can select different frequencies for each building. Frequencies can be adjusted as needed.

All Citron services are performed by Citron Certified Technicians (CCT’s). To help us ensure service quality and consistency, all technicians go through our rigorous Citron Certified Technician training program before entering the field.

All Citron Certified Technicians have undergone COVID-19 training to ensure the safety of all our customers and employees. In addition,  Citron vehicles and offices are regularly disinfected, and front-line personnel is equipped with the appropriate PPE.

Citron Hygiene has offices in Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland and Canada. Find your local Citron Hygiene service branch. To see if your business is in our service area, contact us at 800-643-6922.

The pads and tampons found inside of our Coinless Vend units can be easily purchased directly from Citron Hygiene, so users don’t have to source their own refills. Refills are available on an as-needed basis or can be done as a service at a frequency which best suits your business needs.

86% of people who menstruate have had an unexpected period while in public. This can mean having to miss school or work just because of a period. At Citron, we believe period products should be viewed the same way toilet paper and paper towels are seen; as essential!

Having Coinless Vending in all restrooms means everyone who menstruates is able to manage their period in a dignified way. Period dignity is for all who menstruate, including transgender men who may be unable to safely purchase period products. By having Coinless Vending available in your restrooms, you are helping to fight period poverty and promoting safer, more inclusive restrooms.

Not all women menstruate, and not all menstruators identify as women. Having Coinless Vending available in all restrooms allows everyone who enters your facility to have access to much-needed menstrual products. No one, regardless of gender identity, should have to miss school or work because of their period, and Coinless Vending is here to ensure access to all who enter your facility.

Unit refill frequency varies per facility. Contact a Citron Hygiene Specialist today to discuss what frequency would best suit your business.

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