Ultraire Air Care Solution

Ultraire™ Air Care System

Breathe Easy

  • Positive perceptions and improved guest/employee experience
  • Powerful Fragrances offering maximum coverage
  • Consistent Air Quality
  • Ultra-fine freshening molecules to leave behind a fresh scent
  • Piezo technology to minimize carbon footprint impact
  • Servicing on a pre-determined fixed schedule by Citron Certified Technicians

Environmentally Friendly Air Care

Research shows a restroom’s cleanliness will be evaluated by how clean it smells before how clean it looks and therefore unpleasant odours can present a bad first impression and lead to negative perceptions. The good news is there is a solution, the best way to tackle bad odours within the workplace is with an effective and reliable air care system. Citron’s Ultraire™ offers a unique fragrance delivery method to eliminate odours and freshen large areas, all while minimizing their carbon footprint impact. Citron Hygiene has designed Ultraire™ with the environment in mind, built with innovative Piezo technology it allows for a lower VOC formula and therefore less emissions entering the environment.

Even the cleanest of restrooms can develop bad odours, but the good news is that Ultraire™ is designed with patented precision and the dosage frequency can carefully be controlled to meet your business’ requirements and to effectively remove bad smells from the environment. Ultraire™ air fresh particles will stay airborne for up to 2 hours to neutralize bad odours and enhance restroom hygiene.

Speak to our team to find out more about the Citron Ultraire™ Air Care System or explore our complete range of commercial air care solutions.

Service Program Details

At Citron Hygiene, we pride ourselves in providing innovative, high quality solutions that suit the specific needs of you and your organization. Our team of Citron Certified Technicians will arrange a flexible pre-determined service schedule that suits your business to maintain each system and manage the necessary replacements. 

Installed by our team of Citron Certified Technicians and service includes all equipment free of charge making our service highly cost-effective for businesses.

Product Specifications

  • Unit Colour: White or Black
  • Main Unit Dimensions: H: 23cm, W: 10.2cm, D: 9cm
  • Fragrance Options: 6 unique fragrances
  • Power / Electrical Requirements: Batteries included
  • Sustainability: Unit Recycled at end-of-life cycle.

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