aromaguard air care solution


Benefits of AromaGuard™

  • Positive perceptions and improved guest/employee experience
  • Effective & reliable performance
  • Designed for scenting and odour control of large spaces
  • Excellent solution for poor circulation areas
  • Dry vapour diffuser system to effectively freshen interior spaces
  • No messy liquids or sprays
  • Servicing on a fixed schedule by Citron Certified Technicians

Your Solution for Poor Circulation Areas

There are recent studies to show that pleasant, positive smelling scents within the workplace improve employee productivity, performance, social behaviours and even confidence levels. Therefore, workplace scent should be managed just like other factors that impact our work i.e., lighting, temperature and space etc. If you’re struggling to manage poorly circulated areas within your organization, this is the ideal air care solution for you. Citron Hygiene has designed AromaGuard™, the scent delivery system that utilizes totally dry vapour technology. The unit has fragrance formulations developed specifically for scenting and odour control, making AromaGuard™ one of the most effective ways to improve air circulation in your workplace.  

Citron Hygiene’s innovative AromaGuard™ is designed to improve the air flow of your facility or workplace to keep your organization smelling fresh. AromaGuard™ uses a completely dry vapour fragrance diffuser system that effectively freshens interior spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet. The innovative design of AromaGuard™ is non-nubulizing, meaning there are no messy liquids or sprays to worry about! It’s the ideal solution for heavy traffic, poor circulation areas within your workplace, such as restrooms, office space, waste holding areas, meeting rooms, receptions, gym facilities, hotels, restaurants and more, meaning that not only will your facility smell great, but by offering continuous air circulation, the AromaGuard™ will create a fresh and positive smelling environment for all who come and go.

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Service Program Details

At Citron Hygiene, our aim is to deliver high-quality services and solutions tailored to the needs of you and your organization. Our team of Citron Certified Technicians will arrange a flexible service schedule that supports your business to maintain each system and manage the necessary replacements.

Installed by our team of Citron Certified Technicians and service includes all equipment, eliminating any capital outlay.

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