Free Handwashing With Soap and Water Poster

Washing your hands is the easiest way to minimize the spread of germs. Not only does washing your hands protect yourselves but it protects others too – keeping the spread of germs at bay and preventing the spread of infections including covid-19, influenza and gastroenteritis – to name but a few.


Throughout the day, we may touch surfaces that others have been in contact with and we frequently touch our faces – half the time without even realizing it! If we do not regularly wash our hands in the proper way, germs can get easily get into the body and cause us to be ill. 


It’s vital that we all continue to practice handwashing properly both now and in the future. To help you promote handwashing in your organization, download our free handwashing with soap and water poster. This poster can be displayed in washrooms and other locations where soap and water is available to remind people of proper handwashing.

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