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Knowledge is power. Equipped with the correct knowledge on hygiene, you are one step closer to building a healthy space within your organization. As experts in hygiene, Citron Hygiene want to share knowledge with you by providing resources and posters to help you. Take a look through our resources and make sure to check this page regularly for even more helpful content!

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Navigating the uncertain times presented by the covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses and individuals alike. As we start to slowly return to normality, making sure your facility is safe, clean and hygienic will be more important than ever before. In order to support you, Citron Hygiene has compiled a number of resources and posters that aim to help you prepare for a safe return to work.

Restroom Hygiene Resources

Maintaining high hygiene within your restroom is key to maintaining health and hygiene throughout your whole premises. Harmful germs and bacteria can easily spread in restroom environments but with effective restroom hygiene solutions and best practices, you can build a healthy space. These resources will help you do just that.

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Hand Hygiene Posters & Resources

Hand washing is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of infection. Education is very important to ensure hand hygiene is practised effectively and encouraged. Educate employees and guests by displaying hand hygiene posters throughout your facility.

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