Sani-Plus Disinfection Service

Innovative & Effective Electrostatic Spray System

Be safe in the knowledge that your facility is as safe and hygienic as can be by eliminating bad bacteria and germs throughout your whole commercial building. In the current climate, extra precautions should be taken to make sure your facility is really clean which includes disinfecting hard to reach surfaces. Hard to reach surfaces can be problematic to clean. However, if left contaminated could cause the spread of infectious diseases.  Luckily, Citron Hygiene has a solution – our innovative Sani-Plus spray system.

How the Electrostatic Disinfection System Works

Sani-Plus is a cutting-edge system that combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology. When electricity is charged into a liquid, the cleaning product atomizes with pressurized air giving a magnetic charge that can stick to surfaces – no matter where they are in the room.

  • 360 ° coverage across all areas in your facility
  • Spray plume can be drawn to any surface within a radius of 6 feet
  • Magnetic attraction of spray is 15 times greater than gravity
  • Sprayers easily adaptable to suit environment using various modes

Disinfection Like Never Before

Our Sani-Plus service is available from most of our US branches. If your facility needs comprehensive disinfecting like never before, then contact Citron Hygiene for a quote today.

Or why not learn more about all our professional disinfection services? 

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