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Commercial Disinfecting Services For Restrooms

Treatment for Restroom Touchpoints

  • SaniGuard™ uses an antimicrobial solution
  • Solution applied is proven to be 99.9% effective against microbes
  • Protective shield against contamination
  • Antimicrobial film remains active between service visits

Complete Touch Point Cleaning

Restrooms are a high-traffic area of any facility, making it an ideal environment for germs, bacteria and other impurities. As people enter the restroom, these bacterial risks continue to grow, putting your staff and customers at risk. Regular treatment of touchpoints is the only solution to eliminate hygiene risks from your restroom however, it is also commonly people’s least favorite place to clean. This is where Citron can help! SaniGuard™ provides your business with regular restroom treatment for touchpoints and increases surface protection.

What is SaniGuard™

SaniGuard™ is a restroom disinfection service that is completed on your regular hygiene services appointment. SaniGuard™ uses an antimicrobial solution that has undergone rigorous private testing to prove its efficacy against viruses and bacteria. The antimicrobial remains active on touchpoints to protect against impurities between visits.  

The treatment is applied using electrostatic sprayers which ensures 360° wrap-around coverage of restroom touchpoints.

About SaniGuard™

Ensure your staff and customers are using a facility that has implemented the proper measures to minimize risks of bacteria and impurities. SaniGuard™ provides your business with peace-of-mind by knowing your restroom touchpoints are being treated regularly by trusted professionals.

Our service will protect your restroom touchpoints using two steps.

1. Initial Application

Citron Certified Technicians will begin the SaniGuard™ service by using electrostatic sprayers to apply an antimicrobial solution that is proven effective against microbes and other impurities. Our technicians will pay special attention to commonly missed high-touch surfaces such as stall locks and flush handles.

2. Increased Surface Protection

Once the service has been completed, the antimicrobial will remain active on touchpoints to provide ongoing protection against impurities. Independent studies have proven the solution’s ability to protect between services.

Communicate to your staff and customers that you are committed to providing a hygienic space. Businesses who receive SaniGuard™ touchpoint treatment are given labelling that promotes to customers and employees the hygiene measures you have implemented.

Maintain a Hygienic Washroom with Citron Hygiene

Our SaniGuard™ service ensures your restroom is receiving regular disinfection, reducing risks of surface-to-person transmission and cross-contamination. Get in touch with our team of experts today to find out more about how we can help you, welcome staff and customers, into your facility where they can have peace-of-mind knowing the best facility hygiene measures have been implemented.

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