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Hygiene Solutions in Toronto

 As a vibrant metropolis, Toronto is home to a dynamic community and offers a wide variety of services and amenities to businesses and individuals. Citron Hygiene branches across Toronto are situated to provide expert hygiene services to the city and it’s hub of bustling businesses and employees and guests.   


Hygiene services maintain key benefits for health and community welfare – supporting the economy and allowing businesses to thrive. As the world has been confronted with the outbreak of coronacvirus, it is now, more than ever before, important for facilities to maintain hygiene to stop the spread of infection and deliver the very best customer experience.


Building Healthy Spaces Across Toronto, Ontario

Citron Hygiene’s services and solutions benefit businesses and service users across Toronto’s neighbourhoods; from Yorkville and Scarborough to Central and Downtown Toronto. As the most populous metropolitan area in Canada, Toronto is a busy city. It’s alive with facilities and with these companies and services competing with one another for business, it’s ever more vital to get noticed for efforts to deliver the best experience for guests and employees.

After 40 years earning the trust of clients across the world, Citron Hygiene’s service solutions, including washroom hygienefacility hygiene, warewashing & chemicals and professional disinfection services are available to businesses in Toronto with assurance; helping local businesses meet hygiene needs and to go the extra mile to care for customers and staff. Our trust has been earned with dedication to delivering direct, local services as a local business partner to our clients. With this understanding, wherever your business is based in the Ontario region – Citron can provide a helping hand with our innovative hygiene solutions.

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