Funeral Home Hygiene Solutions

Citron Hygiene funeral home hygiene solutions

Servicing America, Citron Hygiene provides a wide range of hygiene solutions that are effective in keeping funeral homes safe and clean. It is vitally important that hygiene levels in funeral homes are kept high to minimize any potential spread of infection and ensure employees are working in a safe environment.

We understand the importance of being discreet, and our hygiene technicians will visit your premises at a time that suits you to minimize any disturbance, helping to keep your funeral home running safely and smoothly.

Services for Funeral Homes 

Commercial Air Purification

We have a wide range of solutions that can help treat and sanitize the air in your facility, not just mask bad smells.

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Hand Care Solutions

Hands can be key in transmitting infection from person to person. Our range of hand care solutions including hand soap on service and commercial hand sanitizers ensure hand washing can be properly exercised.

Menstrual Hygiene Waste Disposal

Businesses have a duty of care to ensure all personal hygiene waste can be disposed of safely and conveniently. Citron Hygiene offers a range of waste disposal units for and incontinence waste with a discreet collection service on a pre-determined schedule. Waste is never left on site!

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Our range of commercial cleaning chemicals can help your premises maintain a safe and clean space with effective chemicals for surfaces, glass and floor. Learn more about our cleaning chemicals range.

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Introducing the Jade Air Purifier

We breathe in over 2,000 gallons of air on a daily basis however treating the air quality can often be overlooked by many businesses as an important infection control measure. The air we breathe in can include harmful microbes, dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria however with the Jade Air Purification system, the air can be effectively treated and cleaned for safer air for all. Find out about the Jade Air Purification system.