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In the wake of Covid-19, there is an increased demand and use of personal protective equipment as people go about their daily activities. Even beyond the pandemic, people may continue to wear PPE in order to protect themselves and others from covid-19 and other illnesses. Wearing PPE helps to reduce the risk of contracting infections such as covid-19, however only if it is disposed of in a safe manner. Is your facility equipped with the correct PPE disposal bins?


Dispose of PPE Safely with Citron Hygiene

In addition to practicing proper hand hygiene, PPE such as face masks and gloves act as a barrier and help to prevent the spread of infectious disease.  However, if PPE is not disposed of in the right manner – it can do more harm than good. If people touch potentially contaminated PPE and then touch door handles or other surfaces, then the spread of disease will continue.

The World Health Organization states that once removed safely; face masks, gloves and paper tissues should be hygienically disposed of in a closed bin.

We offer a range of hygienic, touch-free PPE bins designed for the safe disposal of waste including small bins for smaller organizations to 5L bins for larger businesses. To encourage proper disposal, our how to dispose of PPE posters can be displayed alongside the bins. 

Benefits of our Touch-Free PPE Waste Bins 

  • Show employees and visitors that you care 
  • Helps to encourage the use of PPE and proper disposal 
  • Proper Removal of PPE Posters provided with each unit to educate the end user
  • Unit treated upon each service with a DIN registered, Hospital-Grade Disinfectant and effective against Poliovirus Type 1 and Canine Parvovirus and likely to kill the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).
  • Suitable for a variety of places throughout your facility such as entrance and exit points, near elevators, parking garages, kitchens, lobby’s, and more

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Make sure your business has all the hygienic facilities it needs on site to keep everyone safe and to provide peace of mind to all who come and go.  Request information or get a quote for our PPE waste disposal solutions today by calling 800.643.6922

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