Commercial Hand Sanitizer

Essential Protection against Infection
  • Protection Against Infection
  • Provide peace of mind for your patrons and employees with hand sanitizer stations on service
  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers with various floor and wall-mounted dispenser options
  • Personal size options available
  • Surface and Hand Wipes to prevent cross-contamination
  • Vendor-managed inventory programs available

Citron Hygiene’s Range of Hand Sanitizer Solutions

Businesses have a duty of care to provide employees and guests with hand sanitizer to encourage proper hand hygiene. This is not only to protect themselves but to protect employees from the spread of infection caused by poor hygiene and the absence of proper hand-washing facilities. By placing alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your facilities, your customers and employees will be able to ensure their hands are sanitized properly when soap and water are not available. As a business you’ll be informing staff about the importance of hand hygiene and therefore minimizing the risk of sick days resulting from cross-contamination. Citron Hygiene has a wide range of commercial hand sanitizer solutions including gel and wipes to suit various business needs.

 All hand sanitizer stations are built with a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing design in mind so they can be conveniently placed throughout your facility without affecting the look and feel of your business. With various product solutions to choose from, from the colour down to the size & features, Citron Hygiene make it easy to find the right solution for your business.

Our Hand Sanitizer Services on a Fixed Schedule

With hand sanitizer being of a higher demand these days, ensure you’re always protected and never run out with our pre-determined service schedule. In additional to supplying the units, our certified technicians offer a reliable service on a regular, fixed service schedule to refill your dispenser, providing you peace of mind that you’ll always be well-stocked.

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Make sure the needs of your washrooms are met by providing your employees and guests with all the provisions they need for a clean and hygienic office. Citron Hygiene has served thousands of clients across a wide range of industries and with our expertise and knowledge we can find the right solution that suits you. Contact us to get a free quote or explore our range of hand sanitizers below. 

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