Jade™ 2.0 Air Purification System

Surgically Cleans Air

  • Removes harmful viruses, toxins pollutants and airborne contamination
  • Help to reduce staff and client anxieties by creating a safer workplace
  • Provide a considerate environment to increase employee engagement, productivity & reduce absenteeism 
  • HEPA filter captures almost 100% of ultrafine particulates and the activated carbon filter absorbs VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) 
  • Minimize facility odours for a pleasant atmosphere
  • Protect equipment from harmful dust build up
  • The Jade 2.0 air purifier is available in black and white options 
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies & Pro Sports Teams
  • Servicing on a pre-determined fixed schedule by Citron Certified Technicians

Clean Air for a Safer Workplace

No matter the size of your facility, regular activity from staff and visitors can result in more pollutants in the air potentially leading to illnesses and allergy flare ups within the workplace. While hygiene is often focused on cleaning and sanitizing the things we can see and touch, treating the air can often be overlooked. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, businesses must take all the necessary steps to protect their employees and reduce the spread of infection. As employees return to the workplace, investing in air care ensures all who come and go feel safe and alleviates any concerns people may have. 

Your Advanced Air Purifying Solution

Even the cleanest of facilities can develop bad odours and suffer from poor ventilation, but the good news is that the Jade™ 2.0 air purifier can help. Designed with innovative technology, the Jade works to surgically clean, purify, and remove almost 100% of air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and fungus that can be present in indoor air. This helps to keep the air fresh, pure and prevent cross contamination within your facility. Good air ventilation will also contribute to increased alertness and productivity amongst employees and help reduce the rate of absenteeism. 

With robust technology and multiple distinct stages, the Jade™ 2.0 air care system works in six stages to filter, sterilize and re-energize indoor air by effectively destroying pollutants and minimizing bad smells from areas like offices, boardrooms, lobbies, and medical clinics. 

Jade™ can also monitor air quality in real time to continuously filter and purify the air. Before the indoor air is circulated back into the room, the air is revitalized with negative ions and recent studies have shown that they can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and increased productivity.

Your Odour Control Solution for Spaces of All Sizes

Ideal for all types of commercial environments, our Jade™ commercial air purifier is perfect for areas large and small including, meeting rooms, office space, medical offices, gym facilities and more, to name a few. The perfect solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Speak to our team to find out more about the Citron Jade™ Air Purifier System or explore our helpful guide to discover the right commercial air freshener for your busines

Product Specifications

  • Unit Colour: White or Black
  • Dimensions: W12.4in x H35.2in
  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Timer settings: 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 10h, 12h 
  • Sound Level: Low <37dB, Medium <45dB, High <52dB, Turbo <58dB 
  • Auto Function: Yes
  • Air Quality Sensors: Yes
  • Control Panel: Hand Wave Sensor
  • Technologies:
    • Pre-Filter: Yes
    • Ultrafine Particulate Filter (HEPA-Rx): Yes
    • Activate Carbon Filter: Yes
    • Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs: Yes
    • Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber: Yes (Permanent)
    • Revitalizing Chamber: Yes (Permanent)

Service Program Details

At Citron Hygiene, we pride ourselves in providing innovative, high quality solutions that suit the specific needs of you and your organization. Our team of Citron Certified Technicians will arrange a pre-determined service schedule that suits your business to maintain each system and manage the necessary replacements. 

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