The Center for Disease Control Has Spoken- Washing your Hands is the KEY to Prevention

Washing your hands is not something most people are preoccupied with. But as COVID-19 spreads and back-up hygiene methods like hand sanitizers and wipes sell out, handwashing is becoming more important than ever. The Center for Disease Control has released their tips on the best way to prevent COVID-19. Their biggest tip is to wash your hands frequently. While this may seem obvious, most people do not wash their hands thoroughly enough or for enough time. An experiment showing the difference between proper and improper handwashing published by the Daily Mail shows just how staggering the difference between both is.

infographic showing hands before and after using soap

It is important that homes and workplaces are practicing proper hand hygiene, and that includes breaking improper handwashing habits. Where soap and water are not available, an effective hand sanitizer should be used. Not to worry, Citron Hygiene has you covered with our printable Proper Handwashing Guide that can be posted in all public restrooms.

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

Hands should be washed by following the 5 step method. Download our how to wash hands poster to display in your organization to promote proper hand washing.
Hand Washing Guide

The 5 Step Handwashing Method

  • Wet hands under warm running water
  • Dispense soap
  • Rub hands and exposed portions of arms together for 20 seconds
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry with clean paper towels. Turn taps of using towel.

Helping Your Business Create a Healthy Workplace

Hand washing is just one way to reduce the spread of infections and create a safe workplace. In addition to our soap on service and commercial hand sanitizer solutions, our services encompass complete restroom hygiene, professional disinfection, and facility hygiene. Learn how we can support your business by booking a free consultation with our team.

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