Pests Don’t Rest for Pandemics: Why Pest Control is More Important than Ever

Should We Be Worrying About Pests?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on business throughout the country, many businesses have been forced to shut down as local and federal governments issue non-essential business closures. As a result of these closures, pests that typically gather food from large urban centres are now entering residential and non-food related business in search of food. In addition, businesses are stopping their pest control services due to COVID-19 which counterproductively contributes to an increase in pests. While no evidence has shown pests have transmitted COVID-19 to humans, they are responsible for spreading a number of deadly diseases.

Taking precautions to keep your business free of pests, even if closed, will help create a smoother re-opening process and save businesses money in the long run. All eyes will be on a businesses’ hygiene and disease prevention strategies once the economy starts opening up again. Customers will be wary of a pandemic resurgence, keeping their fears under control means taking preventative disease control action. A 2019 study written by Krugat et al. found that the most effective way to control the spread of disease are public health and sanitation interventions. Businesses are important pillars of our communities and it is important that we all do our part to achieve local and national public health objectives.

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