Infographic: When the Unexpected Happens

An unexpected period is more common than you think! In fact, 86% of people who menstruate have unexpectedly started their period while in public without having period products on hand. Public restrooms aren’t guaranteed to have menstrual product vending machines, and when they do they require cash and often have stale and old menstrual products.

No one should have to miss work or school simply because they got their period unexpectedly, or because they cannot afford period products. It’s such a common issue, yet it’s rarely spoken about due to the stigma’s surrounding menstruation. 

As of recent, countries like Scotland and France are lifting the veil of stigma surrounding menstruation, educating the public on the difficulties of menstrual management, and acting as global  leaders in the fight against period poverty and achieving good menstrual hygiene for all. They are making period products freely accessible by using methods like installing coinless-vending machines in student residences, and making period products freely available at public health centers. 

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