Infographic: Metal Wall Boxes VS. Touch-Free Menstrual Disposal

Stainless-steel metal wall boxes are outdated and contribute to an unhygienic restroom. Not only do they harbor harmful viruses like COVID-19 for up to 3 days, they also overfill quickly and cause malodors that can leave a lasting bad impression on customers. This infographic outlines the benefits of switching from the metal wall box to touch-free menstrual disposal.

Upgrading to Citron’s touch-free menstrual disposal service gives you:

  • an automatic unit 
  • a unit equipped with ActiWipe- a germicide to treat the waste and control odors
  • a Citron Certified Technician who will collect the waste, clean the unit, and ensure it never overflows
  • a report showing how much waste your facility diverts and helps convert to energy every month


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metal wall box vs personal hygiene disposal infographic

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