How to Safely Dispose of PPE with Citron Hygiene

The use of PPE has skyrocketed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, personal protective equipment availability was scarce and available PPE was diverted to use in the health care field. However, as the number of cases decrease and businesses being to re-open, the use of PPE has become the new normal for everyone.

Now,  restaurants, retailers, schools, and other service providers have re-opened their doors, and wearing PPE when entering indoor settings is now either mandatory or strongly recommended by many State governments. This has left many businesses scrambling to find an adequate solution for the disposal of PPE in their business. Some businesses are treating masks and gloves as regular waste and are not providing a separate disposal unit. Others have opted to create their own make-shift PPE disposal bins but continue to treat it as regular non-infectious waste. Both solutions promote the spread of infectious bacteria, neither presenting a safe way to dispose of PPE.

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How is PPE supposed to be Disposed of?

The World Health Organization states that PPE should be disposed of in a closed-lid receptable and not a regular garbage bin. This is because used PPE should be treated as infectious or offensive waste; disposal should be handled in a way that prevents the transmission of infectious disease to the wider population. However, a closed-lid receptable that needs to be manually opened forces users to touch a potentially infected surface to remove their PPE. This process is the reason why a closed-lid, touch-free disposal unit is the best way to safely dispose of PPE.

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Why is PPE Disposal on Service the Best Solution?

1. Overflow Promotes Littering

While having a safe disposal solution is a great first step, preventing overflow of disposal units is another problem businesses are facing. Masks and gloves are being littered on the street and are already making their way in our oceans and waterways.  Having a dedicated technician visit your facility at a frequency that best suits you is the best way to ensure overflow is under control and prevent the littering of PPE.

2. Many People Don’t Know how to Safely Remove PPE

A 2015 study from the University of Wisconsin found that only 50% of health care workers know how to properly remove their PPE! Without a healthcare background, many people don’t know there even is a correct way to remove PPE. Luckily, Citron Hygiene’s PPE Disposal Units are always accompanied with educational signage clearly displaying how to safely remove PPE.

3. A Disinfected Disposal Unit for that Extra Layer of Protection

Every time your unit is serviced, the technician will disinfect the unit with our EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant SolX-5. SOLX-5 kills 99.9% of germs and is likely to kill SARS-CoV-2.

4. PPE Waste is Diverted to Energy Creation

Our partnership with Wheelabrator means all PPE waste collected by our technicians gets diverted to energy production. Our Waste Diversion Reports let our customers know how much energy and water they save by partnering with Citron for their PPE and Hygiene waste.

It’s a Community Effort!

The best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease are community-based public health initiatives. Having proper PPE disposal available to all who enter your business helps prevent littering, gives your employees and visitors peace of mind, and prevents the spread of infectious disease within your facility. Citron Hygiene has been partnering with businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, helping them elevate their hygiene and keep their staff and customers safe. The use of PPE shows no signs of slowing, so it’s time for businesses to adapt to the new normal and make the switch to touch-free PPE Waste Disposal bins.

Download our Free How to Remove PPE Properly Poster

Alongside your PPE disposal bins, why not educate the end user on proper removal of PPE to ensure it is done safely and hygienically. Download our free how to remove PPE poster that includes guidance on masks and gloves which can be displayed next to your bins in your facility.

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