Birch Hill Equity Partners is pleased to announce a partnership with Peter Farrell for the acquisition of Citron Hygiene Canada

(Toronto – April 15, 2016) Birch Hill Equity Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Citron Hygiene Canada (“Citron Hygiene Canada”) business in partnership with President and CEO, Peter Farrell. The company will be re-branding following the acquisition and the transaction does not have an impact on Citron Hygiene operations outside of Canada.

“Our long term growth plan is to become the leading service provider for facility hygiene in Canada, and with Birch Hill as our financial partner, we are confident we can accelerate this plan.” Peter Farrell said.

Citron Hygiene Canada is a fixed route logistics business that provides washroom hygiene, facility and life safety services and products in Ontario and Quebec. Citron Hygiene Canada is headquartered in Toronto with offices in London, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Trois-Rivières.

“Partnering with Peter and his team is an appealing opportunity to invest in a platform that is poised for growth, as every ‘away from home’ business is a potential customer,” said David Samuel, a Partner at Birch Hill.

With over $3 billion in capital under management, Birch Hill Equity Partners invests in leading Canadian middle-market businesses. Birch Hill’s team has many years of experience working together as an active partner with top management teams in building long term value. Since 1994, Birch Hill has made 57 investments with 37 now fully realized.

Peter Farrell
President and CEO
Citron Hygiene Canada

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