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Pests Don’t Rest for Pandemics: Why Pest Control is More Important Than Ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on business throughout the country, many businesses have been forced to shut down as local and federal governments issue non-essential business closures. As a result of these closures, pests that typically gather food from large urban centres are now entering residential and non-food related business in search of food. In addition, businesses are stopping their pest control services due to COVID-19 which counterproductively contributes to an increase in pests.

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Get Back to Work with Success

The covid-19 pandemic is affecting each and every one of us across the globe. Businesses are closed while others have had to dramatically adapt the way in which they work. While lockdown measures have been in place across Canada and the USA for some time now, we are finally starting to see an end in sight with some lockdown restrictions being loosened across many different provinces.

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