Citron Hygiene Acquires Pest Off

Toronto, ON – On May 8, 2018, Citron Hygiene expanded its Pest Control division by acquiring Pest Off, an environmentally responsible pest control company that operates in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Pest Off provides pest and wildlife removal services for residential and commercial properties.

This acquisition is a significant move in Citron’s growth strategy as they continue to increase their presence in North America. Since acquiring MD Pest Control in 2014, Citron Hygiene has partnered with Birch Hill Equity Partners and gone on to acquire six companies in Canada and the United States. Acquiring Pest Off is Citron’s third expansion of their pest control division. The acquisition of Workplace Essentials in March 2017 allowed for Citron’s introduction into the U.S. pest control market.

“Pest control is one of the fundamental services we offer, so it is great to have such an established company join forces with ours. As we provide many of the same pest control services that Pest Off does, this will surely enrich our current offerings,” Peter Farrell stated in regard to the acquisition. “The fact that they already offer services that are responsible towards the environment is also a benefit to this partnership,” Farrell added.

The founders of Pest Off, Robert Hendrie and Ali Assmar are also confident in this new venture.   They also believe that Citron Hygiene and Pest Off have plenty in common and that their customers will benefit. Both Hendrie and Assmar look forward to being able to offer washroom, life safety, warewashing, and chemical services to their clients and anticipate the convenience of these services all coming from one organization.

With this new partnership underway, Pest Off customers can expect to receive the same trusted service. Citron has stated that they will honor all service agreements and work closely with Pest Off to ensure the acquisition and the changes to come go smoothly for everyone.

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