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Brown rat eating nuts

Pests Don’t Rest for Pandemics: Why Pest Control is More Important Than Ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on business throughout the country, many businesses have been forced to shut down as local and federal governments issue non-essential business closures. As a result of these closures, pests that typically gather food from large urban centres are now entering residential and non-food related business in search of food. In addition, businesses are stopping their pest control services due to COVID-19 which counterproductively contributes to an increase in pests.

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Black ants

Springtime Pests

When winter ends and spring begins, many pests come out of their hibernation (or diapause, if they happen to be insects) and others venture out

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Cockroaches 101

One of the worst things that can happen to any business is an infestation, specifically cockroaches. This pest has a well-known, negative reputation that could

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Row of books in college library

Keep Pests Out of College

Preventing pest infestations is an effective way for colleges and universities to take care of their students, staff, and facilities. The large numbers of people

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House fly pest

Fall Pest Control Toronto

Fall in Toronto Means More Mice, Rats and Cockroaches Mice Pest Control Toronto | Rat Pest Control Toronto | Cockroach Pest Control Toronto A Toronto autumn is a

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